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The Kardio App

Coming Soon!

Our team is building an app that gamifies heart health, fosters a sense of community, promotes inclusivity, and provides heart health education.

  • More Than Just A Heart Rate

    Invite your friends to 7-day challenges, hold each other accountable & have fun doing it.

  • Connect Your Zones To Your Wellness Goals

    Complete individual workouts, learn about heart rate zones, and earn points for your heartbeats.

  • Unlock Kardio+

    Subscribe to Kardio+ to unlock new challenges and relevant personal insights.

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Workout Challenges That Connect Your Community

Looking to get fit and have a blast doing it? Invite your friends to a workout challenge! These challenges are a great way to mix up your fitness routine, set and achieve goals, and hold eachother accountable. So why wait? Get moving and have a blast with your workout today!

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About Kardio

Kardio is a digital fitness companion that aims to make fitness fun. Our goal at Kardio is to build a community of people who come together to support each other on their fitness journey. We believe that we can build a healthier you so that you can be the best version of yourself in every other part of your life.